I offer a garden advice service for clients who may just need general garden advice. This is particularly helpful for new owners of a garden, the service includes:

  • Advice on pruning and maintenance around the garden.
  • Plant identification and care.
  • Plant problems including pests & diseases.
  • Rejuvenating borders.
  • Improving a neglected garden.

The visit usually lasts about an hour and I provide a summary report of the advice. I charge a very reasonable fixed fee (including mileage) for this service for clients in Somerset.

Maintenance guide

  • Individual guide unique to your garden.
  • Month by month advice on how to care for your plants
  • Useful for design clients looking to care for their newly designed garden.

Re- Planting

I offer a planting service for clients who need help rejuvenating a border or those who wish to change the planting style:

  • Assess the soil and growing conditions.
  • Remove old or diseased plants.
  • Suggest and source alternative plants.
  • Soil improvement and re-planting.
Before advice After advice


  • To find out more about my garden design and advice services or if you would like to arrange a visit, please contact me: