Passion for Plants in Somerset

We have been very fortunate with the weather for the autumn planting season and have been lucky enough to complete a record number of gardens over the last couple of months.  I will add some more of these soon but just wanted to share one of my favourites:

I sketched a few layout options to disguise the rectangular shape of this garden, this included the following points from the design brief: The main rooms of the house faced onto the garden so it needed to look good from lots of angles, the clients love plants so lots of easily accessible deep borders full of carefully chosen plants, several seating areas including a shady one, level paths and patios around the garden, focal points, lawn and specimen trees and shrubs.

Once the clients had chosen their favourite, scaled plans were drawn and the hard landscaping build commenced. The soft landscaping completes the work and the plants transform the space into a lovely new garden which will soften and grow over the next couple of years.

1Before 2 Before 3 Before 4 Build 5 Build 6 After 7 After 8 After


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