Residential country cottage

The brief for this cottage garden was to design a garden that would look great from the house by providing interest all year round. This family garden had a large trampoline in a very prominent position which dominated the garden, I was able to partly screen this and also introduced other focal points to detract the eye away from it.

Country cottage 1 before The client chose a palette of pastels, I used shades of pale blues & pinks throughout the garden to provide continuity and link the different areas of garden together. Country cottage 3 after
 Country cottage 2 before A path provided access to the garage. The soil was full of nutrients, however it needed aerating in order for the more tender perennials to thrive. Country cottage 4 after
 Country cottage before At the end of the garden was a dark shady corner next to the shed, I choose to plant this area with lush shade lovely plants with striking foliage to create depth and interest. Country cottage after

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