Heavenly scented plant lovers garden

The existing garden consisted of a large unstable deck, a shed which dominated the view from the house and a scruffy lawn.

The clients had recently relocated to Somerset and were looking to create a garden sympathetic to their surroundings that provided a relaxing space, informal seating areas and borders packed with lots of colourful scented plants.

Designing a practical workable solution with the unusual shape of the garden was key to making the most of the space available. The solution was to design two lawned areas rotated by 45 degrees, framed by a diagonal path which gave the garden some much needed depth.

Maintaining the diagonal theme, smaller planting areas near the house were shaped from the terrace and a pergola in the far corner created a shady place to sit and a great opportunity to plant some climbing roses.


“Just a quick line to let you know the garden is thriving and is at one of its best times right now. It’s received many many compliments. Please feel free to pop round any time. 😀”

Ms B