Modern town garden

The brief was to create a contemporary garden with bold clean lines which included a large area for entertaining and a planting style that incorporated lush foliage plants with a muted colour palette.

The garden of the new build property had become quite overgrown and was overlooked by the properties behind. A shed was also required for storage.


The final design featured a stunning slate terrace adjoining the house with planting areas to provide interest in the foreground. To the left of the terrace an L- shaped block and rendered raised bed provided a backdrop for the dining area and also screened the shed from view. A gravel path led from the dining area to a smaller informal seating area in the corner with metal pergola to create privacy.  

Diagonal shaped borders were used to provide some depth and allowed space for a carefully positioned tree to provide some screening. The plants were chosen for their leaf texture and colour with focal plants used to provide an occasional splash of colour.