Initial Consultation

The consultation will be to view your garden and discuss your requirements. It is also an opportunity for you to look at some of my previous work and is free of charge for clients in Somerset.

Site Analysis & Survey

This can be carried out in house for most gardens, complex sites may require a more detailed survey. The data is then drawn onto 2D CAD to produce a basic plan of your existing garden.

Concept Design Layout Plan

Several basic sketch drawings are produced on 2D CAD providing different layout options for your garden. The plans are based on discussions of your specific needs, including function, likes and dislikes, plants and style etc. I also include suggestions for materials and planting ideas, this plan may be all that is required to help you improve your garden.

Scaled Plan Drawings

These are produced once the design layout has been chosen:

Master Plan – this is the final layout plan and is draw to scale using 2D CAD. It provides all the relevant information required to build the garden including hard landscaping materials and can be used by a contractor.

Planting Plan – A detailed plan will be created using plants that will suit the growing conditions of your garden, complement the design and provide interest throughout the year. The planting plan will show the type, number and location of each plant. A planting schedule can also be produced if required, this document is a list of all the plants, and includes details on the quantity and size required.

Landscaping, Construction and Planting

I work with experienced and reputable landscaping contractors who build my garden designs to a high standard. I am happy to liaise with contractors during the construction stage and once the landscaping is complete, I will source, order and supervise the planting of the garden.

Project Management

Full project management may be required on large designs to obtain and work with contractors, source materials and to ensure the build runs on time and to budget. I have extensive experience of managing this process and working closely with landscaping contractors as my clients’ independent agent. This includes managing the tender process and monitoring activity on site throughout the entire construction period.


I can offer a garden advice service for clients who may just need general garden advice. This is particularly helpful for new owners of a garden, the service includes:

Advice on pruning and maintenance around the garden.
Plant identification and care.
Plant problems including pests & diseases.
Rejuvenating borders.
Improving a neglected garden.
I charge an hourly rate plus mileage for this service for clients in Somerset.